About Me

I have been drawing and creating since I was 8. I was an asthmatic child who was seriously bored spending a lot of time in bed, so my art became my imaginery world.

I developed my art into a creative passion after I went to art school and spent a year doing foundation art and design, which really confused me as it gave me so many options.

I took a path which led me to do stained glass designs at Chelsea for 3 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, after finishing my course, I went to work in a graphic environment for 8 years and then went to university to study Graphic Information Design.

I have spent the last 20 years since graduation, doing web design, graphics, animations and currently creation eLearning Courses.

My real love behind the scenes is painting portraits of friends and family and this site is a showcase of what I have done over the years. When I really have spare time then I like to paint the magic of French and Italian Landscapes.

I have done pastel portraits for commission but due to lack of time, I rarely take them on due to the commitment to create a work which I am completely satisfied with as I am a perfectionist.

I currently assist with my local art group with their publicity and enjoy promoting their events.

My sister is a wonderfully talented landscape artist so please have a look at her website if you have a moment to spare.